Play Scrolls on Linux

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    To play Scrolls on Linux you just have to grab the client that has been posted on reddit some months ago, unpack the archive and double click the Scrolls file. It's as simple as that. It's the official client, but it's not listed on the official website.

    Some users in the reddit post express concern if the Linux version will be maintained even though Mojang recently was acquired by Microsoft, but it seems to be the case for now.

    Download Scrolls for Linux

    As posted in the link above, this is the link to the live version of the Scrolls client by Mojang:

    Scrolls for Linux works on:


    • Linux Mint Petra
    • Arch Linux


    • Ubuntu

    Why is it not on the official website?

    My guess is, that the client is still experimental, so that it doesn't qualify as a product that is as finished and complete as the tablet, PC and Mac versions. For a company it's understandable that they don't advertise too much for it then, but it would be great to place a link for: Try the Linux Alpha/Beta on the main download page on the official website.

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