Star Conflict not starting on Linux [Solved]

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    I recently had some issues with Star Conflict on Linux. It basically got stuck on the loading screen and froze. I searched the forums a bit and now I just have to either run some commands or execute the script I wrote in order to start Star Conflict on Linux. (see below)

    In order to have your account available, if you usually run it through Steam, you need to have the part that says echo "212070" in your script, because you will just see a login screen. Also make sure to have steam running while using the script below!

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime/i386/lib/i386-linux-gnu/:~/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime/i386/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/
    cd ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/star\ conflict/
    echo "212070" > steam_appid.txt

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    Update: this guy put a more elaborate version on the reddits:

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