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    This page is dedicated to third party elements and proof that we have permission to do what we do. We want to thank all the great people that allow us to use their material in our videos!

    We keep a list of video game publishers whose games we play right here: Publisher YouTube / Video Policy List
    The above mentioned list will be kept up to date and we will every single publisher and game in there we play.

    If you are in doubt we are permitted to use anything in our videos, please make sure to check this list and also the credits below :)



    We want to thank Gisle Martens Meyer for giving us permission to use his genius chiptune song Goblin Roadtrip
    [[spotify track=0R65rESL4Kkg0D2EEVmXMT]]

    For legal purposes and responsible for the content are:

    Jonathan M. Hethey and Mikkel Klit Nielsen, write us an email at [one of our first names] unganked dot com

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