Colophon, How we record video games

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    A lot of things make this operation possible, so we want to give some credit to noteworthy software and gear we use and like a lot! It's split into two sections:

    • Software
    • Hardware

    If you have any questions about how we do our Let's Play recordings, just let us know! We'd love to do a tutorial on something!


    Adobe Creative Suite

    We use Adobe Premiere Pro CC to edit our videos and export them before putting them on YouTube and we consider it a great video editor!


    Still one of the must-have recording tools on Windows!


    Quicktime does a great job for us when recording on MacOS


    NodeBB is our forum software and a next generation forum software. It's responsive, fast, running Node.js and absolutely essential to growing our community.



    Zoom H4N

    We use the Zoom H4N for many of our recordings. It's a great and easy to use microphone with two XLR inputs.

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