Rift Warrior Guides and Macros

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    Macros in Rift are combinations of actions, usually used to combine multiple spells into one ability/button. The purpose is usually to maximize damage, healing or damage mitigation.

    To create a macro, just press ESC and press Macros or type /macro into the chat and hit ENTER


    By selecting a macro from the macro interface and then shift clicking any ability in your spellbook or interface, you will receive the ability name with the cast command like this: cast Doctrine of Authority, you can put one command on each line and the macro mechanics will go through them line by line.

    Changing the ability shown by the macro

    To give the macro the cooldown timer and picture of a specific ability you simply use the #show command like so: #show Doctrine of Authority.

    Preventing Macro Errors

    The command to stop the Rift client from emitting all sorts of errors when you press a macro, like "Can only cast one ability per macro" or similar is:


    Writing good Rift Macros

    Essentially the macros make it easier not to waste time and stay at your best rotation. For example as a Cleric Tank (full cleric macro thread) you could have a macro like this:

    #show Bolt of Radiance
    cast Bolt of Radiance
    cast Reckoning

    Line 1: shows the cooldown and icon of Bolt of Radiance
    Line 2: don't annoy me with error messages
    Line 3: If available, cast Bolt of Radiance
    Line 4: If available, cast Reckoning (This ability does not have a cooldown, so it works as a fallback)

    You can have as many abilities with a cooldown as you like between the first and the fallback ability, so after line 3, we could have more abilities that should be tried before that last in line.

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