Rift: Ranger Guide and Macros

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    Ranger: The highest Rogue DPS build yet?

    The build is simple and not a premade build, You will have to set the souls yourself:

    • 12 Assassin
    • 61 Ranger
    • 3 Nightblade

    Now before I explain how to use the Build, here's some Macros that you may find pretty useful:

    Macro 1: Builder

    #show Shadow fire
    Cast Shadow fire
    Cast Ace shot

    Macro 2: Finisher

    #Show Animalism
    Cast Animalism
    Cast Feral Aggression
    Cast Twin shot

    Your abilities should be cast in this order:

    Remember to always keep your pet up, either the Dire Wolf (PvP), Blood Raptor (Damage) or Razorbeast (Tank), Having your pet up will grant more DPS.

    Buffs: Virulent Poison, Leeching Poison, Ravenous Instincts, Feral Instincts, Spirit of the Wilderness.

    Combat Abilities:

    • Splinter Shot
    • Piercing Shot
    • Builder (Macro 1) (Until Max Combo Points)
    • Finisher (Macro 2)

    You may add abilities to your bar for other uses such as Break Free, Escape Artist, Rain of arrows and Concussive blast, If you enjoy PvP, Fleeting Instincts and Break Free always comes in handy.

    Another Reminder, you can always add more action bars by Going to Options; Interface; Action Bars.

    If you use this build, I hope you all enjoy it, Feel free to Comment on it, and if you have ideas for this Ranger build, Post it and I will see to adding it =)

    Have Fun =)

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